a deer costume for halloween.

HALLOWEEN IS LIKE IN ONE WEEK! I think that is so crazy, I’m more excited for the start of my favorite month November, than I am for Halloween, but I’m still pretty excited. Anyway, today’s post is a super cute halloween costume idea. IT’S A DEER!!! I’m literally so obsessed. I’ve seen this costume all over Pinterest, so I decided to try it, but change it a little to make it more realistic for someone low key like me. If you don’t want to go all out this halloween, but still want to dress up, this costume may be for you. Enjoy!

For the actual costume part, I decided to wear normal clothes, and just wear a tan sweater to still keep with the deer idea. For the antlers, I just took a couple of twigs from a tree in my backyard, but they do have some you can buy so I will link them below.

sweater / pants / shoes / antlers

For the makeup (make sure you watch my video to see how I did it), I used all my regular makeup, just did some extreme contouring. I did get some white face paint to use for the freckles which I got from Target.

That is it for this week! I hope you enjoyed it and liked the costume idea. In this upcoming week (hopefully) I will have a giveaway that I partnered with a few other bloggers to do, so keep an eye on my instagram for that. Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

fun fact: I cannot decided on one costume for halloween! I have too many ideas.




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