trending… velvet.

Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing with you a couple of ways to wear this crazy new velvet trend. I feel like I’ve taken a step back into the 90’s when I wear this suit. There’s so many fun ways to wear velvet, from shoes to jumpers to pants. I will link a few of the other velvet items I really want to get down below. I ended up buying this matching blazer and dress pants from Old Navy, and I am so so obsessed with it. In this post I decided to show you three different ways to wear it. enjoy!

Outfit #1

blazer / pants / shoes / blouse

I’ve been wanting a suit so bad, but every single one I look at is super expensive. Too expensive for something I’m not sure how often I would wear. I found the blazer at Old Navy the other day and fell in love, and then I realized they had these pants in the exact same color. I love that it is maroon too, because that color is so popular this fall. My shirt I got awhile back, but I linked one that is similar.

Outfit #2

shirt / pants / shoes

This first look is the most casual of the three, so its perfect for finding ways to wear the blazer more. The shirt is a white peplum top that I have had for awhile, and the pants are from Old Navy. They are like a cropped flair and they are so cute! I am obsessed with lace up flats, so I decided to get this other pair.

Outfit #3

shirt /shoes / bracelets

This one is still pretty buisness-y, but if you paired it with different shoes you could make it look a little more casual. I love finding different ways to wear chambray shirts, and I think this look would be even cuter with a cream colored sweater over it.

other cute velvet items i love:

scrunchie /shorts / shoes / dress / choker

That is it for today! If you haven’t entered the giveaway for the Kate Spade purse on my instagram, make sure you do that!! Hope you enjoyed this post!

fun fact: my favorite fashion magazine is nylon




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