my eighteenth birthday party.

This past Sunday was my 18th birthday!!! And I still can’t get over the fact I’m technically an adult now. To celebrate I had a party last Saturday night with some of my closest friends. I’ve known I wanted to have a formal dinner party for awhile, so that is exactly what we did. Here is a look at the decorations and desserts, plus a cute photoshoot I had in honor of turning the big 1-8. Hope you enjoy!

The Party

The Photoshoot

dress / shoes

I love this dress! I feel like it would be such a cute holiday party dress since it is so fun and sparkly. The shoes are a go to of mine, I love how much longer they make my legs look.

That is it for this week. Next week check in to see Blake Mowry takeover and share with us some men’s winter fashion tips! See you next time!

fun fact: this dress shed sparkles everywhere




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