3 holiday party looks.

hello lovelies! in honor of the start of the christmas season, today i am sharing with you 3 holiday party looks. i hope you love it!

dinner party

this outfit is a little more formal, so I think it would be perfect for a dinner party with friends or family! i wore this dress for my birthday dinner party a couple weeks ago, and the only downside about it, is that the glitter on it gets EVERYWHERE. I added a little plaid ribbon to my hair for a little more festival feel, which i got from michaels.

dress / jacket / shoes

ugly sweater party

I LOVE UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS! I found this one on black friday at walmart of all places, and i bought it in a size large so it would be oversized. i think this outfit is a perfect way to make ugly sweaters a little more wearable.

shoes / jeans / purse / button up

work christmas party

I feel like even though i’m not wearing a skirt or dress, this is the most formal outfit of all three. I love the look of layering a cute tank top like this over a turtle neck. i tried to find a sparkly one, but I couldn’t find one anywhere that wasn’t crazy expensive. i love tying ribbons in my hair btw, if you haven’t noticed.

shirt / tank / jeans / heels

and that is it for this week! for the month of december i have decided to give you double the posts! so, i will be posting every sunday and wednesday this month. i am so excited for all the ideas i have for this months posts! i hope you liked this one!

fun fact: i am not a fan of christmas music :/




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