winter basics.

hello lovelies, today i am sharing with you a few of my favorite winter “basics” i think everyone needs this season. I was suppose to publish my gift guide today, but it has taken a little longer than expected so that should be up on Wednesday. hope you enjoy!

sweater: this is actually my mom’s sweater from way back that I stole, but you can find grey turtlenecks about anywhere right now, target has a lot of cute, cheap ones. I love turtlenecks and I love how they look on people, plus they help you stay warm. And if you live anywhere as cold as it is here, that is very important.

jeans: these jeans are like my absolute favorites. they are technically called a girlfriend jean, but they are still just as comfy as boyfriend jeans, they just fit a bit tighter. Which is good for me, because I have skinny legs. These ones are from gap.

cardigan: I’ve been wanting a loose fitting, knit cardigan for awhile now, and I just bought this one from Target. It is so so so cozy, and I just wore this today, and still managed to stay decently warm. a black cardigan like this can be paired with so much, so it is definitely worth buying.

shoes: I got these shoes for my birthday and I love them so much. At first I didn’t really want them, because it seemed like everyone and their mom had them. But, I caved because they just look so cute with EVERYTHING. I mean it; dresses, jeans, sweats… you name it. So definitely a good winter basic.

I love wearing more toned down colors (like blacks and grays) all the time, but especially during the winter.

THATS IT. I hope you enjoyed, comment below telling me what you would like to see next on kennspiration. I hope you all have a great week. I hope I can just make through the next three days, and then I’m out for break. YAY. 🙂

fun fact: I am not at all prepared for christmas. please send help. thanks.




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