valentines day

Happy Thursday everyone!! I know you are probably confused as to why I am posting on a Thursday, but hey it just worked out this way. Anyway, in today’s post I am sharing an outfit for Valentine’s Day, but on the more casual side of the spectrum. Enjoy!!

I’m so obsessed with these embroidered pants. Have you seen any better pants for Valentine’s Day? No? Me either. I recently bought this leather jacket as well, and I love it!! I never thought I was a leather jacket type of person, but I’m kind of feeling it.

|1|pants- gap |2|shirt- target |3|shoes- target |4| jacket- macy’s

Thanks for reading!! I am so excited for next Sunday’s post, so make sure you stay tuned for that. Also, new york fashion week started today!! I am so excited to see what they come up with  for the upcoming season. Fingers crossed for more 60’s inspired stuff.

fun fact: Im seriously running out of facts.




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