carrie bradshaw curls.

Today’s blog post is a hair tutorial on how to get these crazy corkscrew/carrie bradshaw curls that I have been wearing as of late. I love love love this hairstyle, and I always get complimented on it when I do it. For a person who has super stick straight hair, but has always wanted natural looking curly hair, this tool is a dream come true. The tool is the Lee Stafford Chopstick curling wand!

The curler itself is super tiny, and is a square-ish shape (like a chopstick!) It has one heat setting and gets very, very hot. Since it only has one heat setting and due to the fact you are doing smaller sections of hair, it can be slightly more damaging. But, no worries just don’t use it super frequently and make sure you are using heat protectant, and you’ll probably be fine. If you have super damaged or frail hair I would avoid using this, and instead go for a no heat option.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the video! Make sure to subscribe and give it a thumbs up if you do!




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