california roadtrip.

Welcome back everyone!! I know, I know, I suck because I haven’t posted in two weeks. Two! I was just so crazy busy with graduation, and then we left for Cali the next day! But, I’m back from vacationing and done with school, so I am here to devote my summer vacation to you! I am so excited to come up with new content to share with you all this summer, including a lot more videos! (btw if you aren’t subscribed to my youtube account, go subscribe!) I plan to start posting twice a week from now on, and hopefully continue that into next school year, but I’m not sure how busy I will be with college yet. I would like to post every Sunday and Wednesday, but we will see how it goes.

Anywho, let’s get to talking about today’s post; my road trip to Cali!! I went with my parents and my brother, Carson, and it was an amazing trip! It was so nice to get away after being so stressed about school the last month or so, and I really had a great time. So, today I am sharing with your where we went and my favorite things we did! Enjoy!!


What we did:

  1. The Trolley Ride: OMG YOU GUYS. This might have been my favorite thing that we did. So, we rode into San Fran on the BART (which is pretty much san fran’s subway system if you don’t know) and we rode it to powell street (which is a major tourist-y spot) and then got on the trolley from there! I rode right in the front on the little side step thing (like in the picture at the top) and it was such a thrill. The roads were so small I felt like I was going to hit one of the cars coming from the opposite direction! Definitely a must do.
  2. Pier 39: We road the trolley as far as it could go, and then we walked the rest of the way to pier 39. This was such a fun and happening little spot, with a ton of places to shop and eat. One of the coolest things was the pier 39 sea lions that I showed in the pictures up above. At first I thought they were like caged in there so they couldn’t leave since there was so many of them, but no! They come to pier 39 all on their own to hang out. It was so cute. We ate that night at Fog Harbor which was a cool little seafood joint, and there I ate squid and baby octopus for the first time. Wasn’t a fan.
  3. Girardelli Square: This was a cool place for shops and restaurants, but the best part was girardelli’s little ice cream place. We got THE yummiest sundae and I was pretty much in heaven.
  4. Golden Gate Bridge: This was pretty cool to see… I guess.. I mean it was kind of like seeing the statue of liberty. It’s cool to see in person since its so iconic, but after you stare at it for a little bit it really isn’t that big of a deal lol. But, just so you know they do charge you every time you go across it. We though it was free since they didn’t have a toll booth, but they actually took a picture of our license plate every time we went across… and we went across three times…


I didn’t get too many pictures of Monterey, but let me just say I am in love with this little place. It is such a charming little beach town and I loved it!

  1. Asilomar Beach: All these pictures taken in Monterey were at this beach, and it was just stunning. It made me seriously wish I was a California girl. We went their right as the sun was about to set so it was incredibly beautiful.
  2. Monterey Aquarium: Okay I am not going to say much about this, since I wasn’t a huge fan; but if you really, really love fish, go. If not, don’t waste the money.

honorable mention: the dippen dots shop on the pier. so good.


Oh Santa Barbara… I’ll be honest it was pretty hip little spot, even if they didn’t have a target or any chains lol…. But, for the record I did like Monterey more.

  1. Shoreline Cafe: We didn’t spend a lot of time in Santa Barbara, but we did eat breakfast at this amazing cafe. You can eat right on the beach AND they have orange juice pancakes which were to die for.


(for the record i love disney and everything disney so if you don’t like or appreciate disney we probably can’t be friends. kidding. sort of.)

I could go on and on for days about disney, but I’m going to break it down to my all time favorite things to see and do (AND EAT)

  1. Rides: First of all: get. there. early. folks. It is the best time of day to be there and the best time to ride rides without having to wait in a crazy long line. As soon as you get there go get a fastpass for your favorite ride that you know will have a long wait time really soon, for me in Disneyland that is space mountain and in California Adventure it is either the new guardians of the galaxy ride or the car’s racer ride.
  2. Food: As far as sweet treats go my favorite things to get (I tried a lot on this trip. no joke.) are; a dole whip from the place by the tiki room, a chocolate twist from one of the cone restaurants in cars land, or the strawberry funnel cake from the place right next to the golden horseshoe in frontierland.  For an actual meal Ariel’s Grotto in California Adventure is to die for. It is a set amount of money for each person (make sure you make reservations online before you go) and you get to choose from a list of items on a menu. First you get to choose between soup or salad (the crab chowder is absolutely incredible). Then for your entree they have a bunch of options, but my entire family got the lobster and tri-tip, so I’m not sure if anything else is good lol, but that was really good. Then for dessert they have like a little trio sampler thing and the creme brulee was really good on that. But, bonus you get a fastpass ticket to come back to watch world of color that night with really good seats. The seats were so good that we were in the splash zone lol.
  3. Shops: The best shop in all of disney is the World of Disney downtown, but the emporium on main street is pretty good, too.
  4. Characters: I love seeing the characters (yes I know they aren’t real but still), in fact I think I enjoy seeing them more now then I did when I was little. The best time to meet characters is once again in the mornings, since not as many characters are out at night.

my biggest tip to have fun in disneyland is to not act like you are too cool or too old to be there. it is so much more fun to go along with the “magic” of it all and just enjoy it. this includes talking to the characters like they are real people lol

Alrighty, that is it for this big kick-off of summer blog posts! I hope you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments your favorite things to do in California or Disneyland. See you next time! 




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