farmers market.

This blog post could have also been titled my new favorite thing, but anywho, yesterday’s adventure in my new home was to the farmer’s market and OMG WAS NOT EXPECTING IT TO BE SO GREAT. I guess maybe it’s because in Twin Falls a farmer’s market is maybe one or two booth’s with just veggies. But they had everything here! You name it lavender, croissants, fresh fruit, succlents, and even MINI DONUTS. Bonus, there was a bunch of really cute dogs and that makes me happy. It was also really cool because it took place right downtown by the capital building, which makes for a great backdrop. A little sad because I didn’t bring any cash so I couldn’t get a croissant, but there’s always next week. I did however, get a bouquet of dried lavender and some mini donuts (which were super yummy). It was a little awkward taking pics in front of the vendors, but I’m happy I pushed through cause they turned out really cute. Anyway, enjoy the pictures taken by Maddie Park! Go follow her on insta.  

Obsessed with these overalls from forever 21. I have been looking for a good pair for awhile, and these ones are so comfy and oversized. I’m in love. AND I love how perfect these pictures turned out!! I think this is definitely one of my favorite posts so far.

here’s 10 things:

  1. THE ECLIPSE. Seriously so cool and yet kind of terrifying at the same time. I think boise got like 98% totality or something like that…
  2. I made it through my first week of classes! I am actually feeling pretty good about all of my classes, but if I was to pick a favorite and least favorite rn, favorite would definitely be french and least favorite would be Biology. All the way.
  3. I also started a new job this week, and I managed to survive so that’s a pretty big deal.
  4. I DROVE TO TARGET AND THE MALL BY MYSELF. Such a proud moment.
  5. Watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 finally, and omg that movie is so so so so so so good.
  6. learned how to play billiards. thanks @zebmiller
  7. ate a lot of gross food this week from the cafeteria. probably going to be living off of bagels the rest of the year.
  8. made new friends 🙂
  10. My parents and grandparents came and visited me today, so a pretty great ending to a pretty good week.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment telling me something good about your week!! Now, I probably should go do the rest of my homework…




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