good mood.

I’ve always loved Sundays, but I think in college I love them so much more. Maybe it’s just because I really appreciate this one day when I have nowhere to be, but I look forward to Sunday’s every week. The only thing I don’t like about it, is that the next day I have class lol. The last couple weeks I’ve been waking up a little earlier than I normally would on the weekend and take the green belt to Whole Foods. Silly I know, but the walk is really pretty and Whole Foods has three of my most favorite things: flowers, macarons, and chocolate croissants. Wanna guess what my other favorite part about Sunday is? Lemme tell ya, NEW EPISODE OF OUTLANDER. Okay, if you don’t watch outlander, do, and if you do watch it please message me so we can cry and obsess over it together. That show kills me.

But anyway, another fall look for you today and this one is pretty much my fall uniform. Also known as; black skinny jeans, white adidas, a tee, and my denim jacket. Super comfy and always cute. I really need some new adidas though cause mine are looking a little rough haha. Also, if any one has a fav. pair of black skinny jeans, please let me know where there from cause I’m desperate for a new pair.

shirt: old navy / jeans: american eagle / purse: (old) target / jacket: vintage / shoes: adidas / watch: timex

Thanks for reading you guys!! I hope you all have an awesome week! See you next time.




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