sunday brunch.

DEAD WEEK IS UPON US. For you non-college-y people out there, dead week is the week before finals when students have so much to do that they; A) Are so exhausted they feel like death or B) Actually feel like dying! But, even though I have so much going on right now, the feeling of wrapping up my first semester is amazing. I feel like I need to go out to celebrate for actually surviving. Well not yet, don’t want to jinx myself. I had my last bio lab today and I am so happy to be done!! But enough of that, back to what this blog is actually about; brunch attire! Okay well, not really. This is just the cute, preppy outfit I wore to brunch last Sunday. I feel like brunch is a preppy thing, and it deserved a preppy outfit. So here is my cute Sunday brunch look!

(P.S. if you live in Boise you should try The Griddle if you haven’t already! It was so yummy! I had the raspberry crepes and they were AMAZING.)

coat: old navy / sweater: target / shoes: (old) target / button up: loft / purse: (vintage) dooney and bourke

Thanks for reading guys! Stay tuned next week for a special holiday post!

xoxo, kenn♥


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