among the wildflowers.

Today I have had seriously the worst migraine. Not sure why I got it, cause I was at my happy place at the time (target), but first my vision got all blurry, and then soon after came a pounding headache. But, that’s okay, we pushed through with the help of some medicine and peppermint oil (a serious lifesaver), to present you with this blog post. Which I am in love with btw.

I haven’t taken photos on the canyon rim in seriously so long, I don’t think ever for the blog, but I came across this spot a couple months back and have been waiting for the right post to get out there and take some photos. Luckily the stars aligned for this post and the photos turned out so good. It wasn’t windy (wait what Idaho?), the lighting was perfect, and I managed to put together a cute little bouquet of flowers from my grandma’s backyard. So keep reading to see the pretty pics and to find out more!

dress from by beck 

Thanks for reading you guys! You’re the best 🙂




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