fall farmers market.

I finally made it back to the farmer’s market y’all! I had been dying to go again, so maddie and I got up early this morning and went! It was a little smaller than last year, but that’s okay I still got my crêpe and croissant. This is my first lazy weekend since I moved up here, and I’m loving it. Anywho, read on to here more of my favorite fall trends and how I got these amazing curls!

Alright everyone, this fall I better see everyone with scarves in their hair. This fall is big for hair accessories, so I’m talking scarves, pretty headbands, and scrunchies galore. I am obsessed with a good hair accessory right now since my bangs are growing out, and I have to find creative ways to deal with them. I got this super fall-ish floral scarf from Target and I love it!

As far as how I got these awesome curls, the secret is straws! Recently Amber Fillerup has been obsessed with doing her hair like this, so I had to try. And I love it!! I’ve always wanted naturally curly hair, and I feel like this gives you very natural looking curls. Not a lot of fun to sleep in, but that’s okay! If you’d like a more in depth tutorial on the insta stories let me know! If you try it out, please let me know!




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