my 20th birthday

20 years old! whew, that’s weird to think about because I still feel 12.

20 to me feels like a lot bigger deal than 21 at this moment! I’m no longer in my teens, and it’s kind of odd to think about. Today is also my golden birthday, meaning I’m turning 20 on the 20th! I really wanted to find a gold sparkly dress to wear, but didn’t have much luck. So instead we went for rose gold balloons (which kind of look silver in these photos) and I wore some cute gold flats. One of my favorite things to do on my birthday these past few years, is to do a cute photoshoot to commemorate the day! So read on to see the cute pics and for twenty things.

I got woken up the best way with Hamilton (our male golden retriever) jumping on my bed and giving me A LOT of kisses. And then my mom and I went to breakfast at Kneaders. It’s become one of my favorite places to go to for breakfast, I just love their french toast!! As for the rest of the day, my dad is coming home around noon and all three of us are going to go see a movie. I’m thinking we’ll go to Instant Family, because it looks really cute and funny. Then, we will go to dinner with the rest of my family, and come back home for gifts and games! Too bad Carson has to miss out, I texted him and he informed me that my birthday’s going to be on the 21st this year lol (that’s when he gets home for Thanksgiving).

I hope you all get to have a nice time home with your families this week! I’m going to be sharing some of the good deals I find for Black Friday on Thursday morning, so stay tuned for that.




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