Spring Pastels

If I had to pick one color to wear for the rest of my life it would probably be light purple. Okay actually I’m not positive on that one, it could be a pale blue. One thing is for sure, I love pastels. I love a wardrobe full of color, and pastels are such an amazing way to add some color without going too crazy.

The other day I was putting away all of my winter clothes and pulling out my spring/summer ones, and all the color just made me so happy! What is it about spring in general that just lifts everybody’s moods? With the sun shining, the blossoming trees, and finally getting a chance to wear sandals again, how can you not love this time of year? Of course, it rained literally everyday this week but hey “april showers bring may flowers.”

📍Boise State University

Round two with these trees! I’ve decided that I’ll have to do a shoot here every spring while I’m at Boise State, and I’m even wearing another pastel jumpsuit. Hey if anything at least I’m consistent 😂.  Here’s that post if you’d like to read it. I linked the jumpsuit I’m wearing plus a bunch of other cute ones below.

Thanks for reading pals! Also, is everyone else so excited for Easter? It’s one of my favorite holidays, plus I get to go home for the weekend! Let me know in the comments if you have your Easter outfit already planned out like I do…




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