Paris Part Two

Back again this time for all the details on what we did the last two days of Paris! I feel like I’m so late in writing this, when actually its only been a couple of weeks. Time really has flown while I’ve been here, and yet it feels like ages ago that I was in Paris. I can’t believe I only have two more weeks left. I’ve loved my time in France so far, but I’ll be honest I am excited to get back to my family and Taco Bell. In all seriousness, France has totally got Café and Pastry shops down, but their fast food game could really use some work. Alright enough rambling, here’s what we did Wednesday and Thursday in Paris!!

Day Four: Wednesday

What I saw…

  • Versailles Palace and Gardens
  • Centre Pompidou

Best thing I ate…

  • Okay drank, but I had my first French coca cola on this day! It’s so much better here. I have since had way more than I should be having.

This was without a doubt one of my top ten moments while in France, and quite possibly one of the bests days ever. Versailles is just so incredibly breathtaking, and there’s really nothing that compares to it its grander. Getting to walk where so many historical things have occurred, was something I will always cherish. And getting to ride bikes through the garden was so much fun! I remember when we were sitting beside the lake before biking back home, I was thinking about how breathtaking the view was and it really hit me how lucky I am to be in France!

Day Five: Thursday

What I saw…

  • Champs Elysee
  • L’Arc de Triomphe
  • Trocadero

What I ate…

  • My first french Mcdonald’s

My last day in Paris! At this point I was pretty exhausted and ready to head to Lyon, but I still saw some cool things before we left on the train. L’Arc de Triomphe was so big! We didn’t get to go on top of it, but it was very cool to see. We also walked along Champs Elysee, where I got to see some classic french stores like Louis Vuitton, Lacoste, and Zara! After that it was off to Lyon, where we ate dinner with the entire group and spent the night in a hotel.

That is it for Paris! Now on to the next adventure…




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