All right let’s do a quick check in, how’s everyone feeling? We’ve been living in some crazy times lately, and I hope you are all staying safe and healthy at home. Me, I’ve moved back home for the time being and have been working and doing classes from home. As weird as it is I think I’m getting used to this new normal. I miss shopping and my friends, (ugh and happy hours), but luckily the introvert in me is a pretty good home body. I’ve been spending my time stuck at home baking (much to my parents dismay, not sure why I’m a great cook!), reading, watching lots of netflix and disney plus (Last Kingdom is up next on my to watch list), and learning a new tik tok dance every once and awhile.

How do we feel about Tik tok? I swore I would never get a Tik Tok, and then the whole quarantine thing happened and here we are… I don’t spend too much time on it, but I sure like watching cute puppy and dancing videos. I also swore I’d never get on Tinder and ask me how that ones going…

I’ve been feeling more creative lately, and I knew I better take advantage and get some blog content on here. I think half of my problem recently is that I hated how my site looked, so I did a little revamp and I’m liking it a lot more. I’m going to try and be a good blogger now! So scroll to see the pictures I put makeup on for (for like the first time in weeks) and some tips on things that help improve my mood.

Shirt (On clearance for 6.99!!) // Pants // Shoes

Here’s a few things that have been boosting my mood recently, let me know in the comments some things you’ve been doing to feel happier in these crazy times!!

  1. Skincare!! I’ve been using this makeup free time to my advantage and have been really working on my skin. I think I am going to post a skincare routine sometime soon…
  2. Hot baths. This is a go-to for me, I love putting a face mask on and getting in a bubble bath. It’s so relaxing to me.
  3. Exercising. Normally I’m not really one to exercise much, but recently I feel like I really need something to get all my excess energy out! I’ve been loving the Popsugar Fitness videos, and the other day I did a ballet workout that was on the @sezane instagram that was kind of fun (in a I almost died kind of way)
  4. Playing games with my family. I know not everyone is at home with family or friends, but you could easily do a game night over zoom or FaceTime!! My friends and I did a zoom call the other day and played Psych (it’s a fun app that you can play together even when you’re far away.)
  5. Watching Disney Nature documentaries. So random, I know, but my mom and I are obsessed. They’re just something fun to switch up your tv watching.

That’s all for now. I really hope this week goes well for you all, and that you stay healthy! Have a great week!! (and watch Disney Nature Bears, you won’t regret it.)

xoxo, kenn


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