desert vibes

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all are staying safe and healthy. I originally had planned to post this last week, but I decided not to out of respect for the Black Lives Matter movement. I wanted to limit my personal posts on Instagram in order to give space for educational resources and awareness. I was reading an instagram post on how to “crush” june and one of the tips was to “be open to educating yourself and understanding other opinions. There is so much pain in the world because some consider anyone with a different opinion to automatically be there enemy.” I really liked this quote and the post itself.

Last weekend we drove up to Bruneau Sand Dunes with my grandparents. I love this spot in Idaho because it is so random! Just out of nowhere there’s random piles of sand. After messing around on the dunes and taking some pictures, we drove the rest of the way to Mountain Home to take my aunt to lunch. And of course I made my parents take the long way home so we could stop in Buhl for an ice cream cone (it’s my favorite ice cream place.) It was overall a really nice day with my family.

This entire look is from Target! Can you tell it’s my favorite place to shop? I love the fabric of this jumpsuit. It’s really cute and comfy. You can find my tee shirt here and the hat here.

I’ve been having a lot of fun coming up with blog posts recently. I’ve just had a lot more time to focus on it which has been nice. It’s been like the good ole days. I have a couple fun ideas coming up in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!! See ya next time.

xoxo, kenn


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