a main character moment

If I could wear this dress everyday of my life, I would. It’s just so beautiful and feminine. When I saw Target was doing a collaboration with Love Shack Fancy, I knew I was going to love the dresses. Sadly, I spaced the day they came out and they were all sold out in my size when I got on. I was so bummed, but a few days ago I went into to our local Target and to my surprise someone had brought back 5 dresses, all in my size! It was meant to be. I ended up picking this one.

This whole weekend was a much needed break. On Saturday I hung out with my family in the afternoon and then went over to a friends house that evening for some fourth of July festivities, and it was so FUN! I played lots of corn hole and ate too much good food.

Then on Sunday, after waking up much later than normal, my parents and I drove up to the south hills to see the wildflowers. They were so pretty! We brought Hamilton along and he had so much fun chasing all the birds and butterflies. We even saw a moose! Then that night we finally got around to watching Hamilton (the musical, not the dog 😂) and it was so so good. Not sure if it’s my favorite, but I think I need to see it on stage before I make a judgement on that.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. See ya next time!

xoxo, kenn


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