A summer dress styled for FALL

It’s SEPTEMBER! And that means we can now begin to celebrate for fall. If this was the sign you needed to go ahead and decorate/light all your fall candles, you go ahead and do it. I spent the morning putting up my few decorations in the apartment and it has me so excited. I don’t care that it’s only September 6th and 90 degrees out still. I think I’m headed to the store to buy some more fall candles later on.

One thing that has me sad to see summer go this year is all the pretty summer dresses I’ve collected over the summer. I LOVE wearing dresses, but cold weather makes it harder to do that. So today I am showing you a cute way to style your favorite summer dress for fall, and if you want even more inspo head over to my instagram, because I’m attempting to make my first “reels” video (aka fake tik tok) showing a couple of ways to style dresses for fall.

This week I did not take my own photos, and actually convinced my brother to take them for me! Thanks Cars-y. This was one of my favorite floral dresses from HM last spring, and it looks super cute with this target sweater over it. I love these sweaters from Target! They are the perfect length, and they’re 20% off this weekend. And of course my favorite sneakers from Steve Madden.

Are the labor day sales hurting your wallet like they are mine this weekend?? I’ve been wanting to try Amber Fillerup’s new(ish) hair line DAE, and it’s 20% off this weekend so I’m very tempted… I hope you all have had a really nice long weekend! See ya next time.

xoxo, kenn


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