Monochrome for Fall

It’s FALL you guys! Trader Joes has fall products so that means it is fall and you can’t convince me otherwise. However I wore a sweater today and I regretted that decision fairly quickly. But my apartment is decorated all cute for fall and I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies today so I’m just really feeling the fall vibes right now.

A month or so ago I made a list of different items I wanted for the fall season. It was suppose to be my way of limiting the things I was buying to clothes I really wanted! I haven’t stuck to it super well, but I have been slightly better. One of the first things on that list was an oversized blazer. H&M has been one of my FAVORITE places to shop lately, and when I saw this blazer there the other day I knew I needed it.

These pants and shoes were both my picks from the Nordstrom sale this year. The pants are actually called Dad jeans, I did not know that when I bought them but I’m vibing with it. The shoes are super nice too, I’ve had two other really similar pairs of these boots that I’ve bought from Forever 21 and had to retire due to too much wear! So this time around I decided I was going to buy some nice quality boots that would last me awhile.

The top and belt are both old from Target, but one other thing on my list this year is a pretty long sleeve blouse. I love this tank top one, but I’d like one with sleeves for fall.

That’s all for this week! Luckily I snuck this photoshoot in while I was home last weekend, because this weekend has been SO busy! Senior year I guess… Thanks and see ya next time!

xoxo, kenn


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