Styling Sweater Vests

Okay it’s official, my favorite fall trend this year is sweater vests. They are just SO fun! I feel so 90s in this look and I am really here for it. There are a lot of fun trends this fall, from leather to shackets, but for me I think sweater vests take the cake.

This perfect cream colored vest is from H&M, and has been a very fun challenge for me to style. I originally paired it with a white button down, but I think I like the white t-shirt look under it much more. I also think it would look super cute with a tight white turtle neck underneath in the winter. I think this trend is great too because you know even when it goes out of style it’s eventually bound to come back again!

Today I went on a fun little fall walk/photoshoot with my friend Danielle and her ADORABLE puppy in the North End of Boise. I just love the houses in this area they are so dreamy. They also have some really fun and spooky Halloween decor up right now. The first few photos were shot in front of a Junior High School, and I can’t imagine going to a school that CUTE! Gives me all the stereotypical high school movie vibes.

I’m also wearing my levi 501s in these photos, another piece that has been a little more challenging for me to style! Now that I’ve washed and shrunk them a bit they are fitting much better, and I’ve been wearing them a lot more. Don’t tell anyone tho but I have a shoelace tied in the back loops to help them fit my waist better 🤣.

outfit links: vest / jeans / shoes

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you’re having a nice relaxing weekend. See ya next time.

xoxo, kenn


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