Carrie in Paris

Happy Halloween from Carrie B! I couldn’t help but wonder if this would be my last Halloween dressing as Carrie, or if this might just be an ongoing thing. What! She has so many iconic looks. Some day I need to get three other girls together to recreate the entire group. ISO of a red head, brunette, and another blonde.

The day before this photoshoot I rewatched the last two episodes of the series where Carrie goes to Paris. Seriously every outfit in those episodes is SO good. And when she reunites with Big at the end… 🥺 They ended the show so well with those two episodes, they really didn’t need two more movies. Especially the last one. So bad.

What iconic Sex and the City character do you identify with most? I’ve always thought of myself as more of a Charlotte, but the more times I watch it I think I’m probably a bit of a Miranda too. Also do you have a favorite Carrie B look from the series? I LOVE the pink dress she wears in the beginning of the American Girl in Paris episode. But like I said all of the Paris looks are perfect.

I found this perfect skirt from Chicwish! I knew I wanted to recreate this look for Halloween and I was super excited when I found it. The blazer I thrifted, the hand muffler I DIY’ed, and the tank and shoes I already had.

I hope you all have a spooky and safe Halloween! See ya next time.

xoxo, kenn


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