give thanks

Happy Thanksgiving friends! I know for many today might not look quite like it normally does, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t try to have a wonderful day. I feel like this year maybe more than ever it’s so important to remember all the things we’re grateful for.

Even though our group is going to be a bit smaller today, we’re still making all our favorite foods! What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? I love potatoes. I’m making a dutch apple pie and I hope it turns out good haha. I’m also SO excited to watch the annual dog show. Here’s to rooting for the old english sheepdog.

I love this look. I think it’s very fitting for Thanksgiving. I bought these boots as a bday present for myself, and I really love them. The sweater I stole from my mom, and the skirt is another thing I couldn’t do without at HM. I couldn’t find the exact one online on HM, but I linked some similar ones.

skirt (similar) / skirt (similar) / boots

I’m so excited for all the holiday posts I have coming up! No better time for blog posts than the holiday season. Anyways, have a great week and Thanksgiving!! See ya next time.

xoxo, kenn


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