Moody January

I haven’t posted since last year, so happy 2021 everyone! I’ve been posting more frequently on my Instagram, but I hadn’t posted on here in a hot minute. But now that the holidays are over I plan on posting more. Then again I’m moving back to Boise in a month or so, so we will see how often I get out doing photo shoots then. 😂

I have had a pretty uneventful weekend. We ran some errands, took some photos, and I just got done making some cherry cream cheese danishes. They look really yummy. We’re going to go watch the second to last Harry Potter in a bit, only two more to go! I had never seen any of the Harry Potter movies, and neither had my parents, so we decided to finally watch them. I know I’m so late to the party but they are so good! I get why people are obsessed with them haha. My favorite character is Luna Lovegood. 😂

I love this flouncy little dress. I surprisingly found it at JcPenneys and thought it was such a cute fall/winter floral. I have a lot of summer dresses, but not very many I can wear into the colder seasons. It is also on sale right now for FIFTEEN dollars. Such a good deal. I also think it looks really cute with these boots, which if you can’t tell from my last few posts I’m obsessed with! I just wish I would have had more places to wear them these past couple of months. I got this bow from American Eagle a couple of years ago and it’s still one of my favorites. I got to thinking the other day that I want to start collecting hair ribbons when ever I travel somewhere. I think it would be something cheap, but really special to collect from my travels.

dress / boots

Thanks for reading friends! I’m going somewhere fun in a couple of weeks and I’ll be sure to share lots of photos! See ya next time.

xoxo, kenn


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