a new apartment and lots of flowers

Hey there. How’s everyone feeling? It’s been a minute since I blogged, but I’m sitting at home with nothing to do so I figured now was a pretty good time to catch up with you all! I started my new job on February 1st, and moved into a brand new apartment in Boise on the 14th, so things were a little hectic for awhile there! I’m pretty much all settled in now, and have some more exciting news that I’ll share later down in the post.

I LOVE my new apartment! The location is amazing, and all though it’s older, I kind of love the charm of it. I bought a PINK couch, so really life couldn’t be better (jk). But I do love my pink couch, and things are finally feeling very homey here. I’ve also filled the place up with flowers and plants which helps. My gas stove made me a little nervous at first, but I’m getting used to it. It also has lots of windows, so lots of natural light, which I really love. Hence all the photos I’ve been taking here…

So ya, new apartment, new job, new hair (did ya notice the bangs hehe?)… clearly the next step had to be a new little buddy… that’s why this Friday I am going to pick up my new little pal Clementine!! I am SO excited. She is a goldendoodle, and I can’t wait to meet here. She does have an instagram (have you met me?) so go follow here @clementineinboise to stay up to date on all her little adventures.

That’s all for now!! Blogs will probably be looking more like this in the future, with more of a combination of photos versus just one photoshoot. Just easier to manage these days!! Talk to ya next time.

xoxo, kenn


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