Thank you for visiting kennspiration! My name is Kennedy, and I am the author and founder here. Kennspiration’s name was created because of two things; the first being that everyone calls me kenn and the second that my main goal here is to make this blog an inspiration. I know that most people won’t buy the exact outfits I put on here, etc, so instead I want this blog to be a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration for┬ápeople to follow. Fashion has become such an inspiration to me, in everything I do. So, I created this blog to inspire you.

Something very important to me, that I strive to maintain on this blog, is affordable fashion. I love reading other fashion blogs, but a lot of the time they are wearing outfits that cost more than I make in an entire year. I’m just a poor college student trying to live my best, fashionable life. So, no matter where this blog goes or what it becomes in the future, I forever what to include affordable options for my readers.

A little about me: I am a 21 year old girl, living in Idaho. I’m currently in college where I’m majoring in International Business with a minor in French. I have three really cute dogs, two golden retrievers and a yorkie, and two chubby kitties, who I miss dearly when I am away at school. I am a music fanatic, and I love singing. I will seriously listen to just about anything, but broadway music has a special place in my heart. Books are my private getaways and if it’s romantic I probably will love it. I like baking in my spare time, sugar-y sweets are my favorite.