Wide Open Spaces.

Yesterday we drove up to Fairfield to see the Camas Lillies. We went about two years ago and definitely were either too late or too early because they weren’t very pretty. This year we planned to go a week earlier than last time, and I think we actually hit it pretty well!! They were really … More Wide Open Spaces.

Welcome to New York

Awe New York; the sites, the smells (sometimes good, sometimes very bad), and just the overall incredible vibes are what make it such a classic tourist spot. When my family was deciding where we should go for vacation this summer, my dad thought it would be fun for each of us to put in a … More Welcome to New York

Paris Part Two

Back again this time for all the details on what we did the last two days of Paris! I feel like I’m so late in writing this, when actually its only been a couple of weeks. Time really has flown while I’ve been here, and yet it feels like ages ago that I was in … More Paris Part Two

Paris Part One

Awe Paris… I may have been dead tired the entire time, and be in desperate need of a pedicure due to the damage you did to my feet, but you sure were an adventure! If you didn’t know I left one week ago to study abroad in France, and I started my adventure off in … More Paris Part One

snow day.

TODAY WAS SUCH A FUN DAY! These girlies are the best roommates and we always have so much fun together. We piled into Em’s car today, and took off to Bogus Mountain to go try out this crazy mountain coaster. After finding out that Bogus wasn’t 12 minutes away, but actually 45, we finally reached … More snow day.