Back to School and other ramblings

The first week of school is already over, and it was SO weird being back after being away for so long. BUT, it was also so so nice to feel like life is sorta normal again, even if everyones walking around in masks. 😂 I can already tell my classes this semester are going to … More Back to School and other ramblings


butterfly kisses

If there is one 2000s trend that I’m happy to see return, it would have to be butterflies! I love butterfly printed anything. And this past semester in my french class, I (for once) actually was the only person who knew the word for butterfly out of my classmates. 😂 Guess I just know the … More butterfly kisses

Welcome to New York

Awe New York; the sites, the smells (sometimes good, sometimes very bad), and just the overall incredible vibes are what make it such a classic tourist spot. When my family was deciding where we should go for vacation this summer, my dad thought it would be fun for each of us to put in a … More Welcome to New York

hello spring.

I’m finally back on the blog game after having a couple of very busy weeks! So, I felt it was fitting to bring you guys a very spring inspired post, since the past couple of weeks have been absolutely beautiful here in Boise! We still have had a couple rainy days, and of course some … More hello spring.

garden day dream.

If you know me you know I have a love for pretty dresses, and a love for Julia Hengel. If you don’t know who Julia Hengel is, she has the most amazing fashion blog, and recently launched a collection of beautiful dresses called Gal Meets Glam. Clara also shares these loves, so we had to … More garden day dream.


I’m going to share a little story, and let’s see how many of you can relate… Alright so last Wednesday, a couple friends and I headed down to Vineyard Lakes to hike and do a little swimming. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty pale and burn easily, so before hiking down I put sunscreen … More suncare.