dealing w/ growing out your bangs.

Hi friends! Today I am sharing with you some tips and tricks to help you when growing out your bangs! I have been growing mine out since March-ish, and let me tell you if having bangs is a daily struggle, growing them out is even worse. Mine are a little bit below my nose so I can do a lot more with them now than I use to be able to. The problem I have with my bangs, is that they are super thick! Piece of advice, if you are going to cut bangs, cut them a lot thinner the first time. In other words, DONT CUT THEM LIKE TAYLOR SWIFTS! Cause that is what I did, and it seemed like a great idea at the time. But, now I think I would have kept them for a longer amount of time if I would have done a thinner bang.

Here are my (few) but big tips when growing out your bangs:

  1. Get really good quality bobbi pins! Talk to your hairstylist about it, but most beauty supply place stores have the best ones. They are just hiding them from us regular people! Or check out amazon, for good quality bobbi pins. Pretty much any I have tried from a drugstore, like conair or whatever brand, have not worked for my hair.
  2. Learn multiple styles you can do, so you don’t get bored! I am at the point where I am super bored of my hair, and this is mostly because all I do with my bangs is a simple twist most days. Try out a bunch of styles to see what works for you.
  3. Invest in a cute hat and even cuter headband. You are going to need those. Often.
  4. Also, get a good hairspray and dry shampoo. I love big sexy hair products.
  5. Finally, realize that your bangs will not grow out overnight. It is going to take a long time. I thought mine would be at least long enough to tuck behind my ear by now, but nope. One good way to not give up is to promise yourself you can finally get that new haircut you have really been wanting when they finally grow out. That’s what I am doing, and it has really kept me from wanting to cut my bangs again!

Here are some of my favorite hairstyles for dealing with my bangs:




Alrighty you guys that is it for this one! I hope you enjoyed it! I am about to head out to go see the new spiderman with a friend, I hope it’s good! See you all next time!




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