A blue sweater and 10 things

I am in love with this little park I found on 5th street in Boise. I was driving by the other day to get a bagel at my other love, Blue Sky Bagels, and I spotted it out of nowhere! It’s so cute and reminds me of somewhere in France. So I knew I wanted to get some photos here.

I bought this sweater last week at a consignment store and I think it’s so cute. I really like this color for fall and winter. These PERFECT pants are from H&M, same with the belt.

I haven’t done one of these in awhile, so here’s ten thing!

  1. If you follow my instagram you may have seen I’ve been on an embroidery kick recently! I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.
  2. I’ve recently started rewatching Once Upon a Time since it came on Disney Plus, and it feels like such a throwback.
  3. Speaking of tv shows, I also started watching Emily in Paris today! It’s really cute, but I feel like they paint the French in a very stereotypical light. But it has good fashion and it’s shot in Paris so some beautiful scenery.
  4. The new ISO update on the iPhone is so fun, I love that I can make my phone screen even more aesthetic.
  5. My parents were in town Wednesday and Thursday, and it was nice to get dinner with my family, and spend Thursday shopping with my momma. We got the cutest minnie mouse shirts for when we can eventually go to disney again.
  6. Last week I made an apple pie and it was SO yummy. I think next up on my fall baking list I want to make some pumpkin bread. I better head to Trader Joes…
  7. I got my graduation dress in the mail from Lulu’s yesterday, and it is so cute but sadly the hem is way uneven. So hopefully they can get a new one to me fast. I’ve never order anything from them before so a little disappointing.
  8. Hehe I bought the tackiest halloween Stitch pajamas and they’re so cozy, I don’t want to take them off.
  9. I got my absentee ballot in the mail yesterday! It’s my first year voting in a presidential election and I’m so ready…
  10. Last but not least I run the Morrison Center social media accounts, and I started a fun halloween countdown on there today, so you should follow us to keep updated on all things spooky!

Thanks for reading! I had the busiest day full of homework today, so I’m excited to have a lazier day tomorrow. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

xoxo, kenn


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