All things skincare

Agh I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for FOREVER, and I am finally doing it!! I’ve just been waiting until I felt like my skincare routine was really working for me, and I’ve been so happy with results lately that I think now is the time.

I am genuinely obsessed with taking care of my skin and learning more about new products and techniques. One of my favorite things to watch are the beauty secrets/get ready with me videos on Vogue’s youtube channel. I’m always striving to get glowier skin and at the same time combat some minor acne/blackhead issues.

So let’s get into it shall we?

Step 1: First up I go ahead and wash my face with the Purity by Philosophy cleanser. I’ve been using this for awhile now and it’s very gentle on the skin. I like to use a washcloth to make sure I’m really getting all the makeup around my forehead because I tend to have issues with breakouts there.

Step 2: Next up I get off any leftover makeup with my Micellar water using a cotton ball, and after that I use my Versed Baby Cheeks toner all over my face and neck. I LOVE this product.

Step 3: Time for serums! I use the Niacinamide (not sure if I spelt that right lol) and Hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary. This brand is super affordable, and has rave reviews. I use the Niacinamide on any problem areas, so mainly my T-zone. This one is suppose to help with acne and blackhead breakouts, I’ve only been using it for about two weeks now so I’m excited to see if it helps. Hyaluronic acid goes on my cheeks and necks, and is amazing for making your skin look more hydrated.

Step 4: After serums it’s time to lock in the moisture with the Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer. This is also a pretty gentle product and I’ve really liked it.

Step 5: Sometimes I like to add a face oil if I’m feeling like my skin is a little dry, and I’ve just been using a Trader Joe’s rose oil one.

Step 6: If I have any acne my last step is to use this saycillic acid treatment, it really helps it heal quicker AFTER the pimple has been popped. If you apply it before it can sometimes clog up the pore even more.

Step 7: Mornings only; I use a sunscreen, and I love the SuperGoop Glow Screen.

Extras: I like to put a mask one about once a week and I love this chemical exfoliant mask from The Ordinary, or I’ll do a korean sheet mask sometimes if I want a little extra hydration.

Tools: I rave about my jade roller, but ice rollers are also really nice. You can keep both in the freezer, and it helps de-puff and detoxify your face. I also LOVE my Gua Sha tool, which can also help de-puff and help your skin produce more collagen. I use these after I’ve put lotion or oil on.

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked this post, I really enjoyed writing it.

xoxo, kenn


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